Nettalk 6.7

An eas- to-use IRC-client for Windows that supports DCC chat and file transfer
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Nicolas Kruse

Nettalk is an easy to use IRC-client for Windows. It supports DCC chat and file transfer, it performs spell checks, and it has a multilingual user interface.
Normal IRC communication requires transit through servers, but DCC allows you to make direct communication from client to client, which usually entails faster and more secure communication.

Nettalk comes with a multilingual user interface, allowing users to be able to choose between ten different languages. The utility must be restarted so that the language change is activated. The user interface can also be customized by changing its skin, which comes into effect without restarting the program. Another neat feature of the program is that it can perform spell checks while you are writing. Nevertheless, aside from merely notifying you that you must make corrections, it does not provide more substantial suggestions.

This IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client can manage multiple connections, and store the preferences for each of them individually. When users type IRC commands (such as /say , /uwho [nick], or /font), a menu pops up with all the available commands. It also contains syntax details, as well as explanations regarding the effect of each one available.

All these features recommend Nettalk as a most appropriate utility for those who use IRC-clients.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can perform file transfers
  • Direct communication from user to user


  • Limited spelling correction suggestions
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